The Academy opened on September 1, 2005 with its first department, a Grade 7-11 Traditional High School, with Special Education and Gifted and Talented Programmes. The Academy received provisional registration from the Ministry of Education, after just one year of observation, on November 15, 2006, which was upgraded to full and final registration on May 14, 2008.



The Junior School department, grades 4-6, was opened in September 2007, in response to requests from parents of students not coping with the GSAT programme.


The Academy is under the direction of both the Independent Schools Unit and the Special Education Unit of the Ministry of Education and has been a registered member of the Jamaica Independent Schools Association (JISA), since its inception.


As the school grows and develops, more departments and areas of focus will be included in the school’s programme.




The Academy is an institution of LIFELONG LEARNING where we seek to promote, facilitate, deliver and advance learning in all areas, for the education and personal development of our clients. These areas include but are not limited to:

·        Traditional Academic Programmes

·        Special Education Programmes

·        Gifted and Talented Programmes

·        Arts Programmes – Visual, Performing, etc.

·        Sports Programmes

·        Christian Religious Programmes

  • Science and Technology Programmes


The Academy philosophy is that everyone CAN learn. The Academy addresses a group of educational and psycho-educational disorders which are commonly seen to give students difficulties in the regular school setting. All programmes are developed and delivered in such a way, as to personalize and rationalize the learning opportunities of our clients. Students are tested regularly and Individual Educational Programmes (IEPs) are designed for those who require them.







The Academy has been able to offer the small group learning environment that special needs students require to achieve results in their academic career. The team of specialist subject teachers and special educators work together to develop remedial programmes in just about every subject area. A few inner city children have been sponsored by private individuals and have performed admirably.  Standard and Gifted learners have excelled and gone on to top 6th forms and colleges.



Students have actively represented the school in many competitions including:

·        UNICEF art project

·        Inter-schools swimming

·        Inter-schools tennis

·        JCDC festival

·        Special Olympics

·        Six-a-side football

·        Basketball

·        Chess


The areas of activities are directed by the interests of the students, and the suggestions of staff and parents.